Since autumn 2015, the Language Centre EDUC@TIONAL DYNAMICS, has been offering the ADipT Programme of Hellenic American College (H.A.E.C.). The ADipT Programme leads to Level 5 professional qualification according to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

Advanced Diploma in TESOL level 5
The Advanced Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)*, is aligned to Level 5** of theEuropean Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning (EQF).
The Advanced Diploma in TESOL (ADipT) is a comprehensive programme which aims at educating participants in teaching English as a second / foreign Language.
The Language Centre EDUC@TIONAL DYNAMICS is approved by Hellenic American College (H.A.E.C.) to offer the ADipT programme on its premises in Hermoupolis. Participants benefit from specially designed teaching material and cutting-edge technological infrastructure.
* The Advanced Diploma in TESOL Programme has been accredited by the Commission on English Language Programme Accreditation (CEA), which is recognised by the U.S. Secretary of Education as an accrediting agency for English language programmes and institutions.
**Level 5 qualifications are required of entry-level professionals and signify the completion of the higher education short cycle, which is within or linked to a Bachelor’s degree.

Who is the Advanced Diploma in TESOL for?
The ADipT is for:
-Adult non-native speakers of English who hold a Certificate of Proficiency in English (C2 level) or a Bachelor’s Degree from a University where the language of instruction is English.
-Native speakers of English with a Bachelor’s Degree from a University where the language of instruction is English.
-In-service teachers who would like to keep up-to-date with current developments in the field of TESOL.

Upon completion of the Advanced Diploma in TESOL – Level 5, participants will be able to:
-Explain language and language teaching-related issues concisely and clearly,
-Use a variety of library and online sources,
-Evaluate and develop teaching materials,
-Reflect critically on actual classroom teaching,
-Plan lessons thoroughly and efficiently,
-Teach in an actual language classroom.
-Obtain a professional qualification (ETECT) recognised in the European Union.

English Teaching Competency Test – ETECT – general information
The ETECT can be taken at level 5 or level 7 of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).
Adopted by the European Parliament in 2008 as part of the continuing effort to promote workers’ and learners’ mobility in Europe, the EQF is a framework of 8 qualification levels defined in terms of knowledge, skills and competences.
This framework enables professional and vocational qualifications earned in one country to be related to those earned in another.

ETECT Level 5
At level 5, the ETECT assesses the candidate’s ability to apply sound principles and effective practices in TESOL. It also examines language awareness, the knowledge of how English functions, and the ability to convey that knowledge to students in a way that facilitates learning.
Certification at level 5 is appropriate for entry-level professionals. It signifies the acquisition of knowledge and development of skills that would be taught in a post-secondary teacher-training programme of at least 120 hours that includes a Practicum.

ETECT Level 7:
At level 7, the ETECT assesses the candidate’s specialised knowledge of contemporary theories of language acquisition and principles of language teaching.
The examination also certifies the candidate’s knowledge of the English language at an advanced level. Candidates must show that they can articulate links between research and practice in a coherent text supported by academic references.
Certification at Level 7 is for professionals with a recommended three years of teaching experience who wish to develop a critical awareness of knowledge issues in the field or begin graduate studies in TESOL. It signifies the acquisition of knowledge and development of skills that would be taught in a post-secondary teacher-training programme of at least 200 hours that includes a Practicum.

ETECT Level 5 Certificate
Examinations to obtain ETETC Level 5 Certificate are administered 4 times a year by the Hellenic American Union. Successful ETECT candidates are awarded a certificate accredited through the Hellenic Accreditation System (E.SY.D.).
E.SY.D., the Greek national accreditation agency, is authorised to accredit certification and control agencies and is a member of the European Cooperation for Accreditation.
E.SY.D. has approved the Hellenic American Union to serve as an accrediting body for certification programmes and other means of assessment in the field of personnel certification.

Advanced Diploma in TESOL leading to ETECT level 5 Certificate at Educ@tional Dynamics
The ADipT programme is offered in Hermoupolis on the premises of Educ@tional Dynamics.
Who is eligible?
a) Novice Teachers with little teaching experience;
b) Novice teachers who have not been formally employed;
c) Teachers with qualifications in other disciplines who wish to start a teaching career and lack teaching certification;
d) Teachers with up to 3 years teaching experience who are holders of C2 certificates but lack other formal qualifications;
e) Experienced Teachers who may lack formal teaching qualification at an advanced level.
The ADipT programme will offer participants the required knowledge and skills to obtain the ETECT Certificate which will provide them with an accredited professional certification.
The ADipT Programme leading to ETECT level 5 lasts for approximately 170 hours including Practicum. Additionally to the 170 hours of instruction, participants benefit from one-to-one mentoring time.
The ADipT Programme on-site in Hermoupolis, at E.D., commenced in autumn 2015.
Length and structure
The Programme lasts for one academic year. Educ@tional Dynamics (E.D.) makes every effort to accommodate the needs of the local / regional participants within the standards set by H.A.E.C. Delivery is facilitated via the extensive use of new technologies.
The instructors of the E.D. are highly qualified EFL teachers and have been trained by HAEC to teach in the ADipT Programme.
The cost of the ADipT programme is quite competitive.

Enrolling in the ADipT Programme at Educ@tional Dynamics
Required documents
The candidates for the ADipT programme have to submit the following documents:
-Application (available at E.D.);
-A genuine copy of a C2 English language certificate;
-A copy of a degree (if applicable);
-A certification of teaching experience (if applicable);
-A copy of their I.D./passport;
-A brief Europass CV.

Admission to the Programme
To be eligible for the ADipT programme, the candidates have to submit the required documents and pass an interview.

Registration dates
1-20 June / 1-20 September

ETECT 5 Prep Course
E.D. also runs an ETECT 5 Prep Course of thirty (30) hours for EFL teachers who feel they have the required knowledge and competences and are ready to sit the ETECT Level 5 examination and obtain a professional qualification without attending the ADipT programme.
To be admitted to the ETECT 5 Prep Course, the candidates have to pass a placement test and an interview.