I studied English in Educational Dynamics for 9 years and I passed all my examinations successfully. This would not have been accomplished without the help of my teachers and their motivation and nothing would have been achieved if it had not been for my hard work.

Apparently, the method of learning is vitally important for any student to make progress. Mrs. Papaioannou’s teaching methods helped me develop both academically and mentally. Through all these years, not only did I manage to get the C2 certificate (CPE) but I also matured as a person. Exchanging ideas, opinions and experiences allowed me to have a taste of what the world would feel like through my teachers’ guidance and support.

When I reached the C2 level I had the opportunity to take part in a Debate Festival Competition. There I improved my speaking and communication skills as well as my ability to debate. Within a short time, 6 students, including myself, with Mrs.Papaioannou’s guidance, managed to end in the 3rd place and be awarded the Bronze Medal in the online QLS Pan-Hellenic Debate Festival 2018 at C2 level competing with other schools that participated in Greece, for which I am grateful.

To recapitulate, I would like to thank all my teachers from all those years. I wish that Educational Dynamics keep helping students achieve greatness and fulfillment of their academic ambitions.