In Educational Dynamics, we use both formative and summative assessment, the former being the primary way of assessing the students’ learning process and progress during a course. Through formative progressive assessment we aim at monitoring our students’ learning and providing ongoing feedback that can be used by our teaching personnel to improve their teaching and help students improve their learning.

Examinations for our students

Our students participate in four (4) types of summative examinations:

  • Mid-year Examinations
  • End-of-year Final Examinations
  • Preliminary Examinations
  • International Examinations

Mid-year Examinations

These examinations take place in February for winter courses and in August for summer courses.

End-of-year Final Examinations

These examinations are written and oral and are compiled by the Head of Studies and the Head Teacher. They take place in the end of the year on the E.D. premises. The classes that participate in the final written and oral examinations are:

  • B1

Preliminary Examinations

These examinations take place in February and in September depending on which period the E.D. students sit their international examinations (May/June or December). The classes which participate in the Preliminary Examinations are:

  • BEGINNERS B: YLEs Starters
  • BEGINNERS A & B: YLEs Starters
  • A SENIOR: YLEs Movers
  • B SENIOR: YLEs Flyers
  • C SENIOR: Key for Schools
  • D SENIOR: Key for Schools
  • B1: Preliminary for Schools
  • B2: FCEfS / ECCE / NOCN level B2
  • C1: CAE / ALCE / NOCN level C1
  • C2: CPE / ECPE / NOCN level C2

International Examinations

Our students sit examinations administered by the following Universities and Accreditation Bodies according to the Common European Framework of Reference, which provides a basis for the mutual recognition of language qualifications (CEFR):

  • Basic User (A1, A2)
  • Independent User (B1, B2)
  • Proficient User (C1, C2)

University of Cambridge: YLES – Starters, Movers, Flyers; A2 – C2; IELTS; A Levels (required qualification to enter the University of Cambridge or the University of Oxford)

University of Michigan: B2, C2

Hellenic American University: B1, C1

NOCN: B2 – C2

Perugia Università: A1 / A2 – C2

Goethe-Institut: A1 / A2 – C2

Instituto Cervantes: A1 / A2 – C2