Courses B2, C1, C2 are run throughout the year in winter and summer cycles. Students attend lessons and practise in the computer lab (exam-related simulation exercises).

Package Courses

B2, C1, C2 courses are also offered in packages as follows according to the students’ plans:

  • BC: B2 + C1 in 12 months
  • CC: C1 + C2 in 12 months
  • BCC: B2+C1+C2 in 18 months

Benefits for the students attending package courses:

a) They spend their summer months productively

b) They combine summer lessons and holidays

c) They complete these courses in less time

d) They complete C2 on average at 15

e) They have a special discount

Participation in educational / cultural / social activities

Along their lessons our students participate in several educational/cultural/social activities namely:

  • Annual QLS Debate festival
  • PenFriends Cambridge Programme
  • Anti-Bullying Project – Diana Award
  • Visiting Art Halls and Galleries – CLIL lessons