EDUC@TIONAL DYNAMICS, based on their knowledge of the international bibliography and having experience in the ability of learning at young age, offers Kindergarten courses which address children 4-6 years old. From the tender age of 4 they learn the English language in the same way they have learnt their native language. Our interactive programmes combined with up-to-date teaching methodologies and techniques make their lessons enjoyable and creative.

Learning tasks include phonics, role-play, story telling, singing, dancing, drawing, handcrafting, reading and writing, and our new teaching method QLS-JUMP! exclusively on Syros.

They learn how to cooperate with their classmates through pair-work tasks and other enjoyable shared activities. Being exclusively exposed to L2 they start communicating in English from the first few weeks.

On completion of the 2nd year (KGB) they start the next cycle of courses.

Both Kindergarten courses (KGA & KGB) are funded by EDUC@TIONAL DYNAMICS.

Registrations are still open: 08.00-16.00 on weekdays.

Lessons start on 20th September.

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