Under the guidance of Ms Papaioannou and Ms Christine, I obtained the Cambridge Proficiency in English, as well as the Michigan Proficiency, at the age of 15. During my time at EDUC@TIONAL DYNAMICS, I attended lessons that combined active participation, interaction with my classmates and assessment tests in computer labs. These lessons enabled me to fully understand, speak fluently and write elaborately in the English language, as if it was my mother tongue. I will never forget the passion, love and dedication the teachers showed to their craft.

Excellent knowledge of English allowed me –via competitions that tested my level of English – to do a clerkship in Italy for a Research Exchange Programme, but also to participate in the Euroscola Programme in Strasbourg.

Language barrier will never be a problem for me! I genuinely recommend EDUC@TIONAL DYNAMICS as it is one of the best schools I have ever attended!