I attended English courses at Educational Dynamics from the age of 9 until 15 when I obtained the Proficiency in English from the University of Michigan (ECPE). Through my studies I also obtained FCE and CAE from the University of Cambridge.

However, at 17 I went back to the school to get prepared for entry in a UK university. I successfully passed my IELTS exams and was accepted by all universities I applied for. Ms Papaioannou was so well prepared around the British university admission system, she advised me which universities to choose. I am now attending the university of Newcastle upon Tyne as an undergraduate in Marine Technology with Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture; a world-renowned university from which I have obtained a two-year scholarship.

I can now say that the ED school helped me to be fluent enough to speak and live in an English-speaking country. My English level was so good before going to England that I did not have to attend the mandatory English lessons for students from a non-English speaking country. I have immense respect for the work done by Ms Papaioannou and her colleagues as from my experience students not only get proper level of the English language but also get insightful knowledge about everyday tasks such as organising their routine.

Nikolas Voltis