Nowadays, learning a foreign language could be something interesting, useful, maybe fulfilling and for sure a necessary skill to succeed in your life goals and dreams. But if you want to pursue a career in the United States, the language acquisition is way more complicated. I have been living in New York since August 2015, first for my Master studies and then for work.

Ms Papaioannou helped me from the very first moment to succeed in this goal. We began our collaboration by preparing the application materials for the university, statement of purpose, writing samples, resume etc., but we also delved into IELTS/ TOEFL preparation. I was admitted by the Pratt Institute of New York with merit scholarship to pursue my Master degree in Historic Preservation, Architecture.

After my studies, Ms Papaioannou continued willingly to help me in every possible issue I faced, like GRE preparation for further studies, thesis consultation and, last but not least, she offered me help in preparing my professional visa paperwork.

Now I can continue living and working in New York.  During these three years living abroad I realized that it’s not only the personal struggle that helps you proceed. You also need people to support you and help you fulfill your dreams. Ms Papaioannou has always been my greatest supporter, something like my angel!