Always planning ahead, our school prepares the children for the knowledge and skills of the 21st century.

Towards this purpose, it is of paramount importance that the students know their personality as early as possible and the way they learn more easily in order to exploit their innate characteristics in the best possible way.

Our cooperation with Computer Academy, who have developed the psychometric series ARISTON as a result of university research in Greece and in Europe and which has been created with the support of the European Union, gives us the possibility to offer to our students this valuable knowledge.

Our main goal is to always offer to our students the opportunity to enjoy the greatest benefits of the learning process. Now we are in the position to administer to our students the test of Multiple Intelligences QLP if they wish.

The QLP – QLS Learning Profile is a diagnostic psychometric test of the learning profile of the individual. It explores the multiple types of intelligence that each person has and, according to which of them are better developed, it presents suggested ways of studying as well as ways of personalized teaching. Knowing their learning types and the way that they perceive and process the cognitive information, a student ‘’learns how to learn’’ resulting in:

  • Preparing for their lessons without stress
  • Finding the main points of a lesson
  • Being able to study in much less time than before
  • Retrieving the knowledge more easily
  • Perceiving the knowledge without gaps
  • Systematised studying
  • Becoming self-confident

For more information contact the Secretariat, on 2281080792 about dates for administering the test and consultancy by our educational consultant.

The test QLP-QLS Learning Profile is administered on Syros exclusively by EDUC@TIONAL DYNAMICS